David Crook - Chief Strategist / Global Economist


David Crook guides and advises the ACG Wealth Investment Committee on global developments in all matters related to economics and economic trends. He is also a member of ACG Wealth’s Retirement Group, which specializes in structuring and servicing retirement plans. Having been educated in Johannesburg, South Africa and having traded a variety of markets including currencies, equities, and bonds, the firm garners his vast experience from living and working across three continents. With nearly 30 years experience in financial markets, David has developed a passion for forging exceptional, long-term relationships and is always focused on the risk factors contributing to investment decisions and portfolio structure. He has three children whom he treasures: Daniel, Ricki and Demi.


  • Bachelor of Arts, Economics with Economic History and Political Studies Sub-Majors, University of the Witwatersrand (Johannesburg, South Africa)