ACG Wealth’s Three-Part Process:

Three Part Process Phase 1

Fundamental Analysis

We practice a strategy of investing based on daily risk management and real-time analytics. Our intraday macro and sector analysis tracks opportunity and risk globally on asset classes and specific sectors in real-time. This multifactor model guides individual position weightings. The proprietary research and fundamental analysis intelligently determines and detects existing market conditions — as favorable or unfavorable — for generating profitable returns.


Three Part Process Phase 2

Relative Strength

We evaluate the supply and demand forces of particular asset classes and rank them from strongest to weakest based on relative strength. Populating daily asset class comparisons help to determine which are the strongest and the weakest. Thousands of metric calculations verify the process and then source emerging and accountable market leaders.


Three Part Process Phase 3

Risk Management

We believe the regimen of a sell discipline is critical to risk management. When risk is too high, we make allocation changes to protect capital. This objective, model-driven approach fosters a confidence above and beyond static asset allocation strategies. Spreading the exposure across several asset classes reduces risk across the portfolio. This tactical strategy determines the weighting of each asset class and its relative strength ranking – both of which can fluctuate depending on market trends. This discipline reveals six asset classes: Domestic Equities, International Equities, Commodities, Currencies, Fixed Income, and Cash Alternatives.