Bulls, Bears, & Bowties Episode 1: Crypto and Blockchain

In the first Episode of Bulls, Bears, & Bowties, Greg Silberman, CIO, and David Crook, Chief Economist (and wearer of the bowtie) of ACG Wealth discuss issues of interest regarding Blockchain technologies and the resulting cryptocurrencies that come from them.

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In this episode, listeners will learn:

[1:09] How does blockchain affect cryptocurrency and what differentiates the two of them?

[3:30] What is a cryptocurrency?

[5:41] Issues of concern about cryptocurrency trading.

[6:14] How an arbitrage trading strategy involving cryptocurrencies could be possible.

[6:50] Cryptocurrencies are held virtually, not at any of the major custodians. How is this a barrier to adoption?

[8:18] Which cryptocurrencies will be the winners and the losers? Just like the dot com bubble, this is the Wild West.

[11: 16] We see the central banks of Venezuela, Zimbabwe, and other emerging economies participating, do we see the Bank of England, International Bank of Switzerland adopting a cryptocurrency which would be in competition with their local currency or making it illegal?

[13:38] There are ETFs looking to become approved but do you see crypto being available for trading in forms such as Limited Partnerships?

[17:27] How the custodian for cryptocurrencies are evolving to offer better solutions than cold storage of account information which is not ideal for institutional investors.  

[18:30] Should we start including cryptocurrency in our model portfolios as part of our asset allocation?

[21:02] Public vs. Private blockchain

If any questions arise from this discussion, please contact Greg Silberman at gsilberman@acgwealth.com or David Crook at dcrook@acgwealth.com.  


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