Meet the Winning Women on the ACG Wealth Team!

This month we’d like to call attention to one of our longstanding success stories, investment advisor Karen Japngie. Karen joined us in 2013 and maintains more than $250M in assets under management, with a large share of those assets belonging to female clients.

Q: Karen, your track record is quite impressive. You’ve got 40 years in the business and over $250MM under management. Tell us a little bit about what you feel has made your team successful?

Karen: We’ve been successful in retaining assets as they pass from one generation to the next, which can be troublesome for most investment advisors. Clients stay with us because of the high level of service we provide. They always feel as if their needs are important.

The average portfolio size for our clients is $3MM. For many high net worth individuals, money is personal and continuity means everything to one’s investment portfolio. If they have someone they trust, they like to stay with them. They want to stay with what they know, with what they feel comfortable with.

And lastly, good returns always help.

Q: You said that 70% of your practice is female clients. What do you think has made your team successful working with other women?

Karen: In addition to myself, I also have an associate who is female and we work as a team. Being with ACG allows us to capitalize on the many resources offered by the larger entity behind us such as the investment committee and multidisciplinary research team.

Some women just prefer working with a female money manager. I think it makes them more comfortable because they don’t feel they are being judged if they need to ask a question. It can happen that women feel as if their concerns and goals are not fully understood. We’re viewed as more sensitive because they feel we understand them better.

It’s about their voice being heard. With us, they know they’re an important client.

On the other hand, I have also seen some women who choose to be more passive because they are accustomed to having someone else handle the family finances. Every client has different needs and goals. That works for them.

It all depends on the person.

Q: How do you feel being at ACG benefits your clients?

Karen: It’s a great complement to what we offer and how we manage assets.

We actively manage a growth portfolio of 45 growth stocks. After the 2008 crisis, we felt that we wanted more robust options for when the market turns and growth stocks are out of favor. This helps us diversify our clients’ portfolios more effectively and to manage risk.

In our current arrangement, we work as co-managers with ACG’s investment committee. ACG’s strength is their multidisciplinary approach. It’s great having such a close affiliation with a stable of managers to provide expertise in fixed income, value stocks, etc.

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