Key Takeaways from the Blackrock Leader to Leader Conference

Greg Fink

Greg Fink

Greg Fink, President and CEO of ACG, recently attended the Blackrock Leader to Leader Conference in New York City in an effort to stay at the forefront of the industry. Here are the key takeaways we’d like to share.

One of the biggest lessons was the tangible extent to which money is the biggest source of stress people find in their lives. We’ve always understood this to be true, and this is why we put financial planning at the core of everything we do for our clients. At ACG Wealth, the financial plan drives the investment strategy, not vice versa.  This emphasis on proper planning and risk management allows our clients to focus on life events, not market events.

The conference also brought to light the increasing role that technology, specifically artificial intelligence, is playing in the healthcare industry, for example, helping radiologists detect anomalies faster. In the wealth management industry, technology is also playing a larger role than before by eliminating geographic obstacles and allowing wealth managers to learn more about their clients.  For ACG, this served as a great reminder of a fact of what we already know well, that in order to meet growing expectations for a client experience that is faster and all inclusive, we must leverage all available technologies.

Another key takeaway was the heightening consumer preference for digital wealth management tools. We’re not surprised to hear of this consumer appetite for digital solutions. In fact, we are planning to launch Digital ACG Wealth, our online platform, in early 2018. While we support innovation, we also recognize that wealth management is still a person to person business. Our plan for the online platform will be to offer support resources such as live one-on-one chat, enabling our clients to draw upon the expertise of our planning and investment management teams.

Please contact  if you’d like more information about financial planning, investment management, or our Digital ACG Wealth platform.

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