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Financial Aspects of Divorce You Should Know

Whether you’re happily married or about to divorce, here are some tidbits to know.



How to Merge a Financial Advisor Practice

We do happen to know a thing or two so that the combined entities are better together than apart.



Misconceptions about Charitable Giving

If you subscribe to any of the following myths, please consider these perspectives.



No Matter How Smart or Healthy, You Need a Plan B

Everyone who has a family or dependents, no matter how smart or healthy, should have a backup plan.

Even if you're a smart, healthy DIYer, you need a Plan B.


Meet the Winning Women on the ACG Wealth team!

This month we’d like to call attention to one of our longstanding success stories, Karen Japngie.


April 2017 Market Outlook

David Crook examines geo-political events. Uncertainty prevails, change abounds.

David Crook


What People Should Do If They Lose Their Pension Plan

First thing is first. Here are some perspectives that any workers in this situation should consider.

Here's what we recommend people do if they are losing their defined benefit plan.


Giving Investors Something to Smile About

Equity market rally favorable for investors, and fundamental indicators remain supportive of economic growth.


Fidelity Investments Advisor Joins ACG’s RIA Group

ACG Wealth welcomes Ryan Malec, an advisor formerly with Fidelity Investments. Welcome, Ryan!


Financial Planning: when it's #dontgothere

Let’s be real. Read on if you want to know when it’s time to hire a financial planner and when you can do without.


How to Respond to a Data Breach

These are steps you should take within specified timeframes after discovering your data has been breached.


How Much Disability Insurance Do Doctors Need?

Here are answers to 5 questions that can help physicians figure out how much disability insurance they will need.

How much disability insurance do doctors really need?


Meet ACG’s Next Generation: How May We Help You?

Introducing three of our next generation professionals: Morgan Geiger, Alex Reffett, and Laura Peabody.

Introducing three of our next generation professionals: Morgan Geiger, Alex Reffett, and Laura Peabody.


Lessons learned in financial planning

At the end of the day, you are going to be a lot more successful if you put your clients first in everything you do.

David Y. Millican


Taking the Pain out of Advisor Transitions: Case Study

ACG is pleased to welcome Krier Wealth Management, an advisor practice in Jacksonville, Florida.

ACG Wealth has grown its total assets under management to nearly $2BB mostly through crafting mutually beneficial business relationships and advisor transitions.


Blackrock Conference Takeaways

Greg Fink, President and CEO of ACG, recently attended the Blackrock Leader to Leader Conference in New York City.